About Us

Active Corporate was established in 2000 to help clients who wanted more than just a set of accounts and a tax bill. Over the years we have developed our business and now fully automated a large part of the processes which allows us to spend more time with the clients adding real value to their bottom line. As Chartered Accountants our aim is to reduce taxes where possible whilst increasing bottom line profits on a more proactive basis.

We like to take a more holistic approach when dealing with our clients affairs, working hand in hand with them to develop an overall long term wealth management plan. Once the plan is agreed we develop a set of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to ensure that the business remains on track to meet the plan.

We accept that not every client wants this level of service so we have a package to suit every budget and our fees can be spread out over the year to ease the cash flow. We will provide a fixed fee estimate in advance to ensure that you don’t get any unwelcome bills at the end of the year.

Once we get you set up its simply a matter of uploading your invoices to us using your computer or mobile phone and we can take care of the rest. You can view your business dashboard at any time from anywhere in the world using our secure servers.

Active Corporate Audit LLP

Company No. S0300529

Registered Office:
Dundas Business Centre,
38-40 New City Road,
Glasgow, G4 9JT
Email: info@activecorporate.com
Telephone: 0141 353 6500
Fax: 0141 353 6883